What to Look For and How to Mod It!

When you are looking for a pit bike you will quickly find that some pit bikes sell for only 500 dollars, shipping included. Now I am not saying that it is 100% sure you are buying junk that will break down easily. Some of these bikes ARE well constructed.

Some say this quality of the bike depends of the region where they are manufactured. Some of these manufacturers are located in regions known for the mass production of toys. Here the quality will be rather poor. Now, some other regions in China are known for their experience in automotive productions. These factories and the production processes are highly regulated and DO deliver quality products. For instance, the Jialing motors used by Honda ARE produced in these areas. Other quality brands from these regions proved to be Lifan and YX engines.

Now, whether you are buying a cheap one or a more expensive brand, always bear in mind that some components will determine how safe it is to ride and how easily the bike might break down and need maintenance.

One of the most important things to check is the frame. If you are considering jumping and heavy duty racing you really have to stay away from single beam frames, because they tend to break easily. Snapping your bike in half landing a jump may cause serious injury and of course you will need to get a new frame and mount the components of the old bike to the new frame. I advise you to look for a frame with a twin beam design. This frame should have a (preferably chrome moly tubing=lighter and stronger) cradle to support the engine from below. This way you make sure your bike will last.

The next thing to look for is a decent engine. If you are considering a Chinese bike, look for a Jialing, Lifan or YX engine, and make sure that the engine is fitted using superior quality bearings. This will result in lower maintenance and the engine will start easier.  Also look for SDG wheels (stronger rims and studier spokes) as non-SDG wheels are weaker and can fall apart while driving. Make sure the bike has a KMC chain because cheap chains tend to stretch and break easily.

Now, when you finally found a bike with the required specs, you can modify it to gain speed and horsepower.

Start with replacing the carburetor. Look for a performance carburetor. You will notice some improvement. Now, when you add a performance air filter and performance exhaust you will notice that your pit bike gains power (higher mid range torque, better top end, small increase in horsepower).

Next you will want to replace the restrictor in the CDI unit for a performance CDI, which will result in smoother and more powerful acceleration and higher top end.

Most of the times you wil need to fix the gearings (standard= 14tooth sprocket in front and 40 tooth on back)  Replace the front with a larger one and the back with a smaller one. Depending on how much acceleration you want to trade for top end and vice versa.